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Image by Anna Samoylova


Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Master a wide variety of tasks together and use your strength as a team.

Program details:

Various tasks await you that you can only master together as a team. Cooperation, communication and team thinking are required here.

The tasks have a high fun factor, are not boring and of course can only be solved as a group.

The Team Challenge is ideal for several groups. Here you can at any station points are collected and at the end there is a winning team. Ideal for get-to-know-you days or as an individual team-building activity during a sports week.

TIP: especially suitable for team players!

Teambuilding Bad Goisern.jpg
Teambuilding Bad Goisern.jpg

What should you bring?

Shoes with good soles (preferably with profile and grip)




Location Bad Goisern

On request also at other locations

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