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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

We are pleased that numerous schools have been coming to us for many years. Nevertheless, we are constantly trying to improve and develop ourselves.

Customer Reviews:


Stephan Waba, RB Feldgasse Vienna, 4b

"...I didn't expect it to be so GREAT and UNCOMPLICATED for me as a teacher. From picking us up from the train station, to the accommodation, the sports program, to our departure, EVERYTHING was so perfectly organized that we teachers once Had the opportunity to experience something together with the students, to have fun and to get to know each other from a different side. :) Actually, I shouldn't recommend staying with you because then you have to be afraid of not getting a place with you... :D Summary: Absolutely great, can't be beat! Hopefully I can ride again. ;)"

Image by Adam Eperjesi
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UNI Management Club Vienna
BIG federal real estate company Vienna
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Fascination with wood from the Stockinger company
Balloon & Airship Company
Viennese living
AIC Travel
Gasthof Gamsjaga St Gilgen


Various facilities

BRAVO Magazine - photo story
Tourismusverband Inneres Salzkammergut
Evangelical Church AB Nickelsdorf Burgenland
Save the child St.Gilgen Salzburg
Streetwork Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria
BFI Upper Austria LEA training workshop O.Ö.
Residential community Anninger Hinterbrühl Lower Austria
State Center for the Hearing Impaired Dornbirn Vorarlberg
Shared apartment MA 11 Vienna
Youth Welfare Schubertstrasse Linz O.Ö
Young ÖVP Upper Austria
Youth center Grossfeldsiedlung Vienna
FC Judenburg football youth Styria
Evangelical Youth Austria
Landesjugendheim Schauboden N.Ö.
Young ÖVP Upper Austria
JVP Treubach
Holiday camp of Wiener Städtische Versicherung
with young people from 8 nations


Hauptschule Gmunden

HAK Hallein Salzburg

BG Tanzenberg

Hauptschule Schwaz Tirol
Hauptschule Schörfling O.Ö.
PTS Neufelden Upper Austria
PTS Linz
PTS Seewalchen Upper Austria
HS Pischelsdorf Styria
Shared apartment MA 11 Vienna
Academy for Physiotherapy Linz O.Ö.
Academy for Physiotherapy Klagenfurt Styria
Youth Welfare Schubertstrasse Linz O.Ö.
Youth center Grossfeldsiedlung Vienna
Higher Graphic Teaching and Research Institute in Vienna
BHAK/BHAS Freistadt O.Ö.
HS Steinerkirchen Upper Austria
FC Judenburg football youth Styria
UNI Jena Germany
High school in Vaterstaetten Germany
Evangelical Youth Austria
SHS Floridsdorf Vienna
SHS Waidhofen/Ybbs
NMS Deutschkreutz
HS Kinkplatz Vienna
HS Naarn
EKMS Karlsplatz Vienna
HS Maria Enzersdorf Lower Austria
HAK Neusiedl Burgenland
Secondary School Hainburgerstrasse Vienna
PTS Birkfeld Upper Austria
HS Saalfelden Salzburg
HS St.Georgen O.Ö.
SHS Vöcklabruck
Elementary school Hartkirchen O.Ö.
SHS St.Gilgen O.Ö.
HS Rats Lower Austria
Landesjugendheim Schauboden N.Ö.
PTS Schwanenstadt Upper Austria
Priv.HS Friesgasse Vienna
HS Pottendorf Lower Austria
HS Neukirchen ad Vöckla
HS 22 Linz Upper Austria
PTS Bregenz Vorarlberg
HS Krems Lower Austria
HLW Wolfsberg Carinthia
CPR Bad Leonfelden
HS Gumpoltskirchen Lower Austria
MS 23 Carlbergergasse Vienna
HS Ulrichsberg O.Ö.
HS+Sonderschule Mank O.Ö.
HBI Castle Traunsee O.Ö.
Elementary school on the square in Vienna
BRG Ramsauerstrasse Linz O.Ö.
HS Roda Roda Vienna
Karl Meichelbeck Realschule Erding Bavaria
HS Gunskirchen Upper Austria
HS Esternberg O.Ö.
GRG 21 OE Ödenburgerstrasse Vienna
Freistadt Middle School
HS Deutschkreutz an der Vöckla
KMS St.Christiana Willergasse Vienna
VS midpoint
VS Oberzeiring
VS St. Stefan
Residential community Anninger Hinterbrühl Lower Austria


Hotel and Tourism School MODULE
Danube International School Vienna
Danube International School Salzburg
Carl Benz School Gaggenau Germany
Academy for Physiotherapy Klagenfurt
Academy for Physiotherapy Linz
Academy for Physiotherapy Steyr
HTL Modling
HTL Hallein
ÜHS of Pädak Salzburg
BG ORG 23 Anton Kriegergasse Vienna
BRG Feldgasse Vienna
Sacre Coure Pressbaum
Sta. Christiana Vienna
Radetzky Gymnasium Vienna
BRG/ORG Henriettenplatz Vienna
BRG Kufstein
BRG Tanzenberg
BAKIP 8 Lange Gasse Vienna
BAKIP St. Pölten
BRG Zehnergasse Vienna
BRG 8 Albrechtgasse Vienna
BRG Klusemann Carinthia
Federal Gymnasium Modling
GRG 16 Vienna
BRG Polgerstrasse 1220 Vienna
BG/BRG Wels Upper Austria
BRG Freistadt Upper Austria
KMS Sta.Christiana 1230 Vienna
Billrothgymnasium Billrothstrasse Vienna
Gymnasium Schlierbach Upper Austria
Gymnasium Saalfelden Salzburg
Körner Hauptschule St.Pölten Lower Austria
Poly Enns Upper Austria
Poly Deutschfeistritz Styria
Sports secondary school in Enns
Sports secondary school in Saalfelden
Sports secondary school in Oberschützen
HS Bergheim Salzburg

ÜHS of Pädak Salzburg

HS Marianum Freistadt O.Ö.

HS Grammastetten

PTS Birkfeld Styria

BG BRG St.Veit Carinthia

BRG Freistadt


BORG Innsbruck

Poly Urfahr Upper Austria

Poly Rohrbach Upper Austria

Bezau Business School Voralberg

HS Franstanz Voralberg

HS Dornbirn Voralberg

Academic Gymnasium Innsbruck Tirol

Poly St.Peter O.Ö.

Poly Friedberg O.Ö.

Poly Kirchdorf Upper Austria

HS Kilb

HS Karlsplatz Vienna

HS Munzkirchen

HS Taxenbach Salzburg

SHS Ried im Innkreis O.Ö.

HBLA Steyr O.Ö.BRG Steyr O.Ö.

IBHS Krems Lower Austria

WHS Baden Vienna

Save the child St.Gilgen

BFI Upper Austria

LEA training workshop O.Ö.

EMS Strasshof

BRG Castle Traunsee Gmunden

State Center for the Hearing Impaired Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Werkschulheim Felbertal Salzburg

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