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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Project days are TEAM DAYS for us. Because shared experiences weld together and strengthen the "we feeling". In this way, individual students become a class community.

Image by Nick Fewings

Topics during the project days

  • the class as a TEAM

  • dealing with and overcoming conflicts within the class

  • improve communication

  • strengthen personalities

  • see diversity positively

  • promote integration

  • of course, there is no shortage of fun here

  • trained guides ensure safety and high quality standards

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Kennenlerntage bei Outback Adventure


3-day package:

Monday to Wednesday ORWednesday to friday:


1 day: Arrival & Bgreeting - lunch - team challenge- Dinner - overnight stay

2 day:Breakfast -action activity - Lunch -raft building - Dinner - Overnight


3rd day:Breakfast -action activity - Departure

The days may vary in order.

Vertrauen aufbauen und als Team denken. Dies zeigen wir den Schülern auf spielerische Art und Weise


Team challenge: various team games loosen up the first day and ensure that the first fears of contact are reduced. Fun, good humor and a relaxed atmosphere ensure the start of great days.

team tasks: In the afternoon, a large team task is on the program for the whole class or in smaller groups. A raft must be built together. The subsequent raft trip will show whether the class can carry it. 


Action Activity:At the end, two activities can be freely chosen from our program. Because an adventurous experience welds the class together and ensures shared, unforgettable memories.

Optionales Abendprogramm Kistenklettern bei Outback Adventure
Outdoor Escape Game.jpg


In order to make the evening activities varied and exciting, we also offer the following activities in the evening:

Price & duration per activity:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Start: After dinner 18:30

Price Outdoor Escape Bad Goisern: €9.00 per student

Price Team Challenge or Fun Olympiad: €25.00 per student

There are two types of accommodation to choose from for our program. Here is a brief overview:

Luiser-Wehrenfennighaus in Bad Goisern
JUFA Hotel Grundlsee

Price: € 219 pp includes:

  • 3 team activities and 1 action activity 

  • 2 nights

  • full board

  • complete equipment for the activities

Price: €229 pp includes:

  • 3 team activities and 1 action activity 

  • 2 nights

  • full board

  • complete equipment for the activities

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