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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Bungee Running, the horizontal form of bungee jumping! An absolutely fun activity in which acrobatic performances and an extremely high fun factor are the order of the day.

Program details:

Two people can run at the same time. Both are attached to a bungee cord that pulls back with every step forward. Tthe bungee cord will be stronger than the person. The only question is when?! Which of the two manages to keep running? We have bungee cords of different strengths, so everyone can test their limit.

At the end of the day, we will do a fun team game as the mood takes us. An absolute highlight is the match between teacher and student!

TIP: extremely high fun factor!

Bungee Run Outback Adventure.jpg.jpg
Bungee Run Outback Adventure.jpg
What should you bring?



one jukebox per group


Location Bad Goisern

Other locations are also possible on request

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