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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Fun and action are guaranteed when climbing boxes. Anyone can take part, whether as a climber or as a helper.

BOX CLIMBING - program details:

For this combo activity, the group is divided into two halves. One half tries box climbing. The other tries to build the Leonardo Bridge. So boredom can not arise. After half of the time they swap!


At the box climbing a person builds a tower of boxes, standing on one of them. He is secured with a helmet, harness and rope. The other people keep giving him the next box. From a certain height, this must be pulled up with a rope.

The more boxes are stacked, the more shaky and unstable the tower becomes. So it takes balance, courage, skills and strength to avoid a collapse.

Who can make the highest tower, stand on the last box and reach the bell at the top of the tree?!

Kistenklettern bei Outback Adventure.jpg

LEONARDO BRIDGE - program details:

A total of 21 wooden beams are available. But there are no aids such as nails, ropes or adhesive tape. That means you have to find out how the bars hold together best.

If you don't come up with the solution right away, the guides can also provide various tips and assistance.

The Leonardo da Vinci Bridge offers an ingenious mix of tricky brainteasers and fun in teamwork.

Kistenklettern in Bad Goisern.jpg
What should you bring?

shoes that are as flat as possible



Location Bad Goisern

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