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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Perfect canyoning tour for adventurers and adrenaline junkies!




4 - 4.5 hours
3 - 3.5 hours in the canyon
Approx. 25 min ascent

Mai 10th & From July 8th:


Tuesday: 1:30 p.m

Thursday: 9:00 a.m

we can also arrange an individual tour for 4 or more people


wetsuit, life jacket,


canyoning equipment

Trained guides



Minimum age: 14 years

Sure-footedness in the

his terrain

healthy physical condition

good swimming skills


shoes that can get wet

(with good sole)



dry clothes


The canyoning tour can take place at almost any weathercondition as you will get wet anyway. In case of high water or thunderstorm

we have to postpone the tour.

Ramsaustrasse 4,

4822 Bad Goisern


Canyoning Upper Austria

Tour details: Canyoning ADVENTURE:

Dive into the impressive world of canyoning. Stunning waterfallscrystal clear poolsfoamy slides and fascinating rock formations are waiting for you.

At our camp, you will receive the appropriate equipment from our guides, then we will drive (in your own car) to the starting point of the tour.


On this canyoning tour we explore even two canyons behind each other. In the first canyon we have several abseiling points abseil and slide down many places. In the second canyon we have to swim through impressive water pools and can jump into the water from different rocks. Of course you don't have to jump, our guides can abseil you safely at any point.


Action and adventure are waiting for you. As you abseil, all you hear is the roar of the water. Your heart will drop with every jump and your heart rate will shoot up with every slide. But once you have arrived in the wonderful, cold water, you only want more!

A absolute unforgettable experience. We are sure that after this tour you will be just as addicted to the next canyoning adventure as we are!

For short-term bookings (less than 2 days before the start of the tour), please Request send or call directly (0676 / 7141933).
We coordinate appointments for small groups of less than 4 people with other interested parties - simply indicate your desired date - we will contact you to coordinate the appointment.

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