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Outback Adventure Salzkammergut

Trust, community spirit and getting to know each other is the aim of this class trip. With special experiential educational games and activities, the students learn to stick together.

Als Team arbeiten - bei Outback Adventure


  • Introductory days for school classes of all ages

  • Goal:Making friends, team building, trust and respect, reducing fear of contact

  • active participation of all students

  • specific experiential education activities to strengthen the class community

  • Improve teamwork in a playful way

  • Fun & action guaranteed

  • Trained guides ensure safety and high quality standards

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Kennenlerntage Österreich
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Day 1: Arrival & Welcome - Lunch - Activity with a team focus- Dinner - Overnight


Day 2: Breakfast -action activity - Lunch -action activity - Dinner - Overnight


Day 3: Breakfast -Activity with Team Focus - Departure


We recommend a combination of activities that focus on getting to know each other and working together with our "normal/action activities". The program is varied and exciting.

Vertrauen aufbauen und als Team denken. Dies zeigen wir den Schülern auf spielerische Art und Weise


We have some activities that promote team building, trust and the growing together of the class in a playful way.

These are:

In the Team Challenge, we use educational games/tasks that can only be solved by the groups as a team. We recommend doing the Team Challenge with several groups. Because then the individual groups can collect points and at the end the team with the best cohesion is honored. The individual games are varied and a lot of fun!

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Optionales Abendprogramm Kistenklettern bei Outback Adventure
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In order to make the evening activities varied and exciting, we also offer the following activities in the evening:

Price & duration per activity:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Start: After dinner 18:30

Price Outdoor Escape Bad Goisern: €9.00 per student

Price Team Challenge or Fun Olympiad: €25.00 per student

There are two types of accommodation to choose from for our program. Here is a brief overview:

Luiser-Wehrenfennighaus in Bad Goisern
JUFA Hotel Grundlsee

Price: €219 pp includes:

  • 3 experiential activities and 1 action activity 

  • 2 nights

  • full board

  • complete equipment for the activities

Price: on request - includes:

  • 3 experiential activities and 1 action activity 

  • 2 nights

  • full board

  • complete equipment for the activities

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